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Platform Notice: Cloud Only - This article only applies to Atlassian products on the cloud platform.


You may need to remove or revoke access of a former employee who is listed as an org & site admin.

However, if you go to the user page to remove them, the following message is displayed and their privileges cannot be modified:

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Only org admins can manage other org admins, so it is recommended to have more than one user with org admin privileges at all times. This is to help ensure you will always have at least one user available with org admin privileges. 


Please note that you cannot remove your own org admin privileges. You will need to add another user as org admin and they can remove your privileges through the steps below.

There is another org admin available:

In order to be able to remove or deactivate a user who is both an org and a site admin, one of the org admins available will need to remove the user's org admin permissions first.

To remove a user’s org admin permissions:

  1. Log in to and select your organization.
  2. From your organization, select Settings > Administrators. (Only org admins have access to this menu)
  3. Find the user on the list and select Remove.

Next, remove the user’s site admin permissions:

  1. Go to your instance User Management (http://<instance>

  2. On Users, find the relevant user and click on their name.

  3. Under Roles, click to switch their role:

To remove a user from your site:

  1. Go to your instance User Management (http://<instance>
  2. On Users, find the relevant user and click on their name.
  3. Select the 3 dot icon (•••) at the top and select Remove user.

There is no other org admin available:

If no org admins are available, and it is not possible to follow the instructions above, please contact Atlassian support.

DescriptionThis kb applies for admins that are unable to revoke other admins access
ProductJira, Confluence, Access

Last modified on Jul 1, 2022

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