Custom space color schemes are going away

You may have heard we're rolling out a shiny new version of Confluence, and there are some big visual changes. As part of the process, we've been looking hard at how and why you customize individual space colors (if that's something you do) and whether that customization works with the new Confluence experience.

We've switched to using a layered navigation so you can easily get to the things you need most. Key actions, like search and create, are in the global sidebar (blue by default), and space-related things are in the space sidebar (which is gray). These two always need to be distinguishable from one another so you know where you're working and which options should be available. Allowing different color schemes for each space means there's a reasonable chance some users will be confused when they encounter different sidebar colors in certain spaces.

We also want to provide a consistent experience, where the colors of text, links, headings, and navigation items don't negatively affect readability or accessibility.

Because of these reasons, we've removed the ability to set a color scheme for each space. You can still, of course, have an avatar for each space, and, Confluence admins, you can still brand your instances by adding a logo and title, and choosing a color for the global sidebar. To provide an easy transition, and the best possible Confluence experience, we'll automatically migrate existing logos and header colors over to your new sidebar for you.

Add-ons and space colors

Although we've decided changing the global sidebar color for specific spaces isn't a core part of Confluence, the good news for fans of space customization is we are allowing add-on vendors to add this functionality. If you'd like to change the color of the sidebar for particular spaces, and customize Confluence in other ways, check out the theming add-ons on the Atlassian Marketplace.

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