Hazelcast CANNOT start on this node. No matching network interface found.

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This article applies to Confluence Data Center 5.6 or later.


Unable to start the Confluence Data Center node or Synchrony, with the following error in the atlassian-confluence.log/atlassian-synchrony.log:

java.lang.RuntimeException: Hazelcast CANNOT start on this node. No matching network interface found. 
Interface matching must be either disabled or updated in the hazelcast.xml config file.
at com.hazelcast.instance.DefaultAddressPicker.pickAddress(DefaultAddressPicker.java:180)


Wrong network interface set in <Confluence local home>/confluence.cfg.xml:

    <property name="confluence.cluster.interface">wlan0</property>


  1. Download list-interfaces.jar from CONFSERVER-10979 - Getting issue details... STATUS onto your Confluence node
  2. Run:

    java -jar list-interfaces.jar
  3. Identify the interface name for that node that matches to the Confluence node IP address, in this example it is en0 that matches (my sample Confluence Node IP):

    % java -jar list-interfaces.jar 
    interfaces.size() = 2
    networkInterface[0] = name:en0 (en0)
                       ([/fe80:0:0:0:105a:1ff1:8033:4968%en0/64 [null], / [/]])
    networkInterface[1] = name:lo0 (lo0)
                       ([/fe80:0:0:0:0:0:0:1%lo0/64 [null], /0:0:0:0:0:0:0:1/128 [null], / [null], / [null]])
  4. (warning) Shutdown Confluence
  5. Modify or add the following interface line in <Confluence local home>/confluence.cfg.xml to match what was returned by the list-interfaces.jar command:

      <property name="confluence.cluster.interface">en0</property>
  6. Start the Confluence DC node
  7. Once the node has fully started, repeat the above steps on the remaining Confluence DC nodes

Notice some nodes may have a different interface name. Inspect the output of the command on all of them and set the name accordingly.

Last modified on Aug 4, 2022

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