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When you try to enter a macro in a Confluence page, you receive an error:

'No Macro Metadata'. There is no metadata configured for this macro which means no configuration screen can be presented here. If this is a user macro then you can add metadata to the template using the User Macro Administration console.


In general: this can occur when using an unsupported Java version. Confluence assumes that supported version of Java is being used, and when this assumption is violated, various plugins can fail to load. See Supported Platforms for further details on supported Java versions. If you are already running a supported Java version, see below for other causes.

If this is a user macro:

If this is a macro you obtained from the Marketplace, it's possible that you have a plugin that is causing problems with other plugins:

  • This has been known to happen with the Latex Math add-on. If you have recently updated it, remove the update. 
  • If you have recently updated other add-ons, view the Confluence Add-on Audit Log and remove recently updated add-ons, until you determine the add-on that is responsible for the problem. 
  • This can also happen if you have Adaptavist Rate Macro add-on. Uninstall the plugin to eliminate the problem.
  • If none of the above helps, enable Plugin Safe Mode. This will disable all user-installed plugins at once. So if the issue does not occur again, it is confirmed that the problem is caused by one of the third-party plugins installed. In order to isolate which plugin is the culprit, you may need to enable the plugins one-by-one until the issue can be replicated. Once the test has been carried out, disable this mode.

Last modified on Mar 2, 2021

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