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Once you have chosen which issues are to be included in your next sprint, you are ready to start the sprint.

(info) This page only applies to Scrum boards.

Please note, you must have the Edit Issues permission for a project to start a sprint in that project.

To start a Sprint:

  1. Click the Agile link's down-arrow in the top navigation bar, then select your preferred board from the resulting dropdown menu.
  2. Click Plan on the board.
  3. Make sure the sprint footer (the grey horizontal marker) is positioned below the issues you want to include in your upcoming sprint. Drag it up or down, or drag issues up from the backlog, as needed.
  4. Click Start Sprint.

     Why is Start Sprint disabled?

    You will not be permitted to start a sprint, unless all of following conditions are met:

    • You can only start a sprint if there is no active sprint. While a sprint is active in Work mode, you can still plan subsequent sprints in Plan mode, but you won't be able to start one until the active sprint is completed. (You can, however, drag and drop an issue in Plan mode onto the active sprint.)
    • You will need to have the JIRA 'Administer Projects' permission in the project(s) whose issues are to be included in the new sprint. This means that if your board includes issues from multiple projects, you need to have the 'Administer Projects' permission in each of those projects.
    • Ranking must be enabled on the board.

    (info) If you do not have an estimation statistic applied to an issue, you will receive a warning when starting the sprint (unless you are using Issue Count, as this is calculated automatically).

  5. You will be prompted to enter a sprint name and to select the Start Date and End Date for the sprint.

You will be taken to Work mode, where your newly started sprint will now be shown.

Screenshot: a board in 'Plan' mode — starting a sprint (click to enlarge)



  1. This cost me time. Disabled 'Start Sprint' link - if issue from several projects are used in a board projects have to be mentioned explicitly in the filter query. Otherwise you will need to give a user "Administer Projects" permission for all projects. Found here -

  2. Someone has been able to start a sprint while another was already active for the same project. How? We've no idea. So now we have 2 active sprints with different start dates and the same end date. Is it a bug or a feature? Both active sprints are accessible from the Work view of the project but a Sprint filter allow to display 1 or the other.

    I would have joined a screenshot but I wasn't able to add it to this comment :/ Chrome issue?

    1. Hi Jean-David,

      This could happen if you have parallel sprints enabled, or you changed the filter on your board (after starting the sprint) so that it included issues that were part of an active sprint on another board.

      Otherwise, this sounds like a bug. You shouldn't be able to start a sprint, if you already have an active sprint. Can you raise a  support request and our support team can help you investigate further?

      Kind regards,

      1. Parallel sprints is not enabled (great feature by the way, I'll try the beta!! But it would be great to enable it per project and not over all projects) and filters haven't been changed.

        I opened a support request yesterday.

        1. Was your request solved? We've got the same bug.

          1. No it hasn't and it wasn't related to the Parallel Sprint new feature. Since it wasn't blocking for us and mostly a surprise, I agreed with them to let it go for me.

            1. I was able to reproduce my issue:

              When editing an issue in an active sprint, I'm able to change the sprint to another active one in another project. The result is 2 (or more) active sprints in the same project at the same time with different name.

  3. Is there any way to allow non-admins access to start sprints?  Maybe component leads?

    We have 14 teams.  I am leading an effort to get people off using either Trello or physical kanban boards.  A team will pick up an MVF that could touch several components.  Teams may work with different components on each MVF they pick up.  Only one team works an MVF.

    I have created one project for the main product, the component field for the applicable components (not used for much), and created an MVF ID custom field to differentiate MVFs.  A team lead copies a custom filter template, changes the MVF ID to their own, and saves a new filter.  The lead then creates a new scrum board based on that filter.  The lead owns the board and can make any customizations they like.

    However the lead cannot create or start a sprint unless they are an admin.  For this to work, I would need to make all 14 leads JIRA admins.  Not impossible, but not desirable.  Is there some way to grant them perms without making them admins, or is there some other workflow suggested?  I could switch the component to being the MVF ID if that would give the lead access to create sprint.


    1. There is a difference between JIRA Admin and Project Admin. Depending on your configuration JIRA Admin could also be Project Admin and create sprint.

      Project Admin have limited rights within a given project including sprint start/stop.

      Go into the Project Roles page in a given project Administration page and assign the desired users to the project roles call "Administrators". You can either add users one by one or put those users into a group and assign the group to the role.

      Hope it helps.


      1. face palm

        Thank you for picking up on my error.  Seems like that should work as fairly easy solution.  Huge relief!


  4. Got a project admin who can't start a sprint, he can add issues to one, but can't create or start. He has been given project admin right in permissions scheme, and admin role within the project. What am I doing wrong?

    1. I suspect that if your project admin cannot create or start a sprint that your board may include issues from other projects (that your project admin is not an administrator for). Trying checking the filter for your board.

      It could also be due to Ranking being disabled on the board or the board already having an active sprint, but these are usually more obvious.

      If none of these options help, please contact our support team and they can help you figure out what's going wrong.