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This page describes how to configure a Bamboo NUnit Parser task.

Before you begin:

  • .NET builder tasks in Bamboo (e.g. NAnt) do not parse test information as part of the task. You must configure a test task (e.g. MSTest Parser, NUnit Parser), if you want test results from the builder task to be parsed.

To configure a NUnit Parser task:

  1. Navigate to the Tasks configuration tab for the job (this will be the default job if creating a new plan).
  2. Click the name of an existing NUnit Parser task, or click Add Task and then NUnit Parser to create a new task.
  3. Update the task settings:

    Task DescriptionEnter a description of the task, for display in Bamboo.
    Disable this taskCheck, or clear, to selectively run this task.
    NUnit Test Results File/DirectoryEnter the name of the test results file/directory. The test files must be in NUnit XML format. For more information on NUnit, see
  4. Click Save.


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