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Bamboo offers a range of optional settings to make your deployment project function more smoothly. Bamboo allows you to assign specific agents, elastic agents or image configurations to execute the deployment for the environment.


Important Note

Assigning agents to deployment tasks may reduce your build capacity. When an agent is assigned, no other builds or deployments can run on it unless they are also explicitly assigned to use that agent or image configuration.

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Configuring deployment agents

Deployment environment agents are configured as part of the Other settings section of the environment panel.

To configure your deployment agent:

  1. Open your deployment project and expand the relevant environment panel. In the Other settings section, click on the Agents button. The 'Assigned agents' screen will display:

  2. Enter an agent name, or use the drop down menu to select an appropriate agent:

    Only agents applicable to the deployment environment will be available for selection.

    Remember that capability and requirement matching still applies for deployment environments. If your agent does not have the right capabilities it will not be assigned at runtime even if the relationship has been defined.

  3. Click on Save to save your agent scheme
  4. You can remove an unwanted agent by clicking the associated cross on the right hand side of the screen.
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