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Application Links (sometimes called app links) is a bundled app that allows you to set up links, share information, and provide access to certain resources or functionality across multiple Atlassian products. We recommend using OAuth authentication for application links because of the greater security inherent with that protocol. We no longer recommend the Trusted Applications and Basic authentication types.

Linking Bamboo to other applications allows you to include information from other applications in Bamboo builds. For example, if you link JIRA and Bamboo, you can create actionable JIRA issues from a Bamboo build, view the JIRA issues linked to a build result, and add Bamboo gadgets to a JIRA dashboard.

  1. Click the  icon and select Overview.
  2. Select Application Links in the left navigation bar. The Application Links configuration page will appear and list any application links that have already been set up.
  3. Enter the URL of the application you want to link to, then select Create new link.

    Cloud to Cloud integration

    When adding the Cloud URL, use the If the https:// is not used, the link will not be completed.

    • If you check The servers have the same set of users..., then this link will be configured using OAuth (with impersonation) authentication.
    • If you are not an admin on both servers you won't be able to set up a 2-way (reciprocal) application link. If you want to go ahead and create a 1-way link anyway, clear the I am an administrator on both instances checkbox.

  4. Use the wizard to finish configuring the link. If the application you are linking to does not have the Application Links plugin, you must supply additional information to set up a link with OAuth authentication.

When you complete the wizard, the Application Links plugin will create the link between your applications using the most secure authentication method that is supported between the two applications. See the Application Links User Guide for more information.

The new link will appear on the Configure Application Links page, where you can:

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