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A plan defines everything about your continuous integration build process in Bamboo.

A plan:

  • Has a single stage, by default, but can be used to group jobs into multiple stages.
  • Processes a series of one or more stages that are run sequentially using the same repository.
  • Specifies the default repository.
  • Specifies how the build is triggered, and the triggering dependencies between the plan and other plans in the project.
  • Specifies notifications of build results.
  • Specifies who has permission to view and configure the plan and its jobs.
  • Provides for the definition of plan variables.

Every plan belongs to a project.

Projects and plans can only be configured by Bamboo administrators (see Creating a plan).

On this page:

Navigate to a plan's configuration

Choose Build > All build plans from the Bamboo header, then click the edit icon () for the plan you want to edit.

The plan's configuration is found on several tabs:


Configure a plan

  1. Navigate to the plan's configuration pages as described above.
  2. Click a tab to configure that aspect of your plan:

    Plan detailsA plan's Project Key and Plan Key are not editable once the plan is created, however see Moving plans to a different project.
    StagesSee Using stages in a plan.
    RepositoriesSee Linking to source code repositories.
    TriggersSee Triggering builds.
    BranchesSee Using plan branches.
    DependenciesSee Setting up build dependencies.
    PermissionsSee Configuring a plan's permissions.
    NotificationsSee Configuring notifications.
    VariablesSee Defining plan variables.

    See Configuring expiry of a plan's build results.

    Audit logA record of changes to the plan's configuration. This feature is disabled by default. To enable it, please go to Administration > System > Audit Log.
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