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When Bamboo is integrated with a JIRA application , you can create new issues right from your Bamboo build result.You can easily:

  • Capture critical infrastructure failures that are keeping your build from passing.
  • Request that a successful build be deployed to the next environment.  
  • Create a searchable knowledge base of failure causes and solutions.
  • Log time spent on build failures and use dashboard gadgets to discover trends over time.

When you create an issue from Bamboo, the issue links back to the build result it was created from.

A link to the new issue is displayed in the 'JIRA Issues' section of the Build Result Summary, and on the Issues tab, in Bamboo.

To take advantage of the issue creation in Bamboo:

To create a new issue from a Bamboo build:

  1. On the Build Result Summary, choose Actions > Create Issue.
  2. Complete the form.
  3. Click Create.

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