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Bamboo allows you to disable or delete jobs that you don't want to be built.

Disabling a job

Disabling a job prevents Bamboo from building that particular job within a plan, allowing the rest of the plan's jobs to be built. You can re-enable the job, if you want to build it again.
 For example, if a job's latest build is broken and cannot be fixed quickly, you may want to disable it temporarily to stop the job from being built.

Deleting a job

Deleting a job deletes everything related to that job, including the job's configuration, build results, artifacts, labels and comments. However, everything else related to the job's plan, and this plan's other jobs, is retained by Bamboo.

You will need to recreate a new job from scratch, if you want to build it again. 
For example, if a job is no longer relevant, you may want to delete it.

Note that:

  • The 'Admin' global permission is required to delete a job.
  • A job that is currently being built cannot be deleted. If you need to delete such a job, stop the plan's build first. Refer to Stopping an active build for more information.

Disable or delete a job

  1. Navigate to the job configuration, as described on Configuring jobs.
  2. Choose either Actions > Disable Job or Actions > Delete Job.
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