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When Bamboo is integrated with Atlassian's FishEye, you can:

  • view the code changes that triggered a build
  • explore a failed build in FishEye and jump directly into the changeset that broke the build
  • view the history of the changeset to see what the author was trying to fix
  • analyze the change using the side-by-side diff view
  • open the relevant files in your IDE.

A Bamboo administrator can make links to individual source-code files available by connecting the plan to the source repository, as described below.

You can specify repositories at the following levels in Bamboo:

  • global – repositories are available to all plans in Bamboo.
  • plan – repositories are available to all jobs in the Bamboo plan.
  • job – repositories are available to all tasks in the Bamboo job.

The recommended approach is to set up linked source repositories at the global level – see Linking to source code repositories.

To integrate Bamboo with FishEye:

  1. Navigate to the repository configuration for a linked repository, plan or job. See Linking to source code repositories .
  2. Click on a repository name, and then click Advanced Options.
  3. Choose Web Repository > FishEye.
  4. Specify the FishEye URL, Repository Name and Repository Path

Screenshot: Specifying a FishEye project in Bamboo

(warning) If links to FishEye are broken in Bamboo builds, make sure that the Repository Path configured in Bamboo matches the Repository Location (under 'SCM Details' ) in FishEye, for the specific repository.

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