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A intrusive BAMBOO plugin to have a better presentation in the dashboard.
Why is it usefull ?
Because I have 150 plans and the All Plans tab is very heavy and long to load in my browser.
Because I have split my project into functionnalities and and it is difficult to have a simple view for a specific version. (Except if you use confluence ...)


  1. Copy the bamboo-custom-dashboard-plugin-1.0.jar file into your <BAMBOO_HOME>/webapp/WEB-INF/lib directory and restart Bamboo
  2. Add the properties configuration file in <BAMBOO_HOME>/webapp/WEB-INF/classes
    • a sample file is here
    • Edit it to add your tabs
      • the key tabNumber is used to iterate on all tabs descriptions
      • A tab is composed of
        • name: the tab name shown in the dashboard
        • PLANKEYS: the list of plans separated by space shown in this tab. The * wildcard can be used at the end of a plan key to add all plans starting with the specified plan key. In the following example, all plans in the project PROJECTB.
        • groups: the list of groups separated by comma (because a group name can contains space character) who can see this tab.
        • users: the list of user separated by space who can see this tab.
          example :
 = 7.2
          tab.0.groups = devProjectB
          tab.0.users = admin 
  3. Modify the file <BAMBOO_HOME>/webapp/start.ftl :
    • Add the following section of code between the tab3 and the tab4 declaration (in 2.2.x at line 37).
                      //Begin Dashboard plugin intrusive code
                      [#assign dashboardTabList = webwork.bean("fr.calitech.bamboo.plugins.dashboard.DashboardTabList") ]
                      [#assign tabItems = dashboardTabList.tabItems ]
                      [#list tabItems as tabItem]
                          var tabItem${tabItem.number} = jtabs.addTab("${}", "${}", null );
                          tabItem${tabItem.number}.setUrl('${req.contextPath}${tabItem.url}', '${tabItem.param}', true);
                      //End   Dashboard plugin intrusive code
  4. You can refresh the configuration with this URL :
    • http://Your Bamboo URL/admin/refreshDashboardTab.action

Version Compatibility

Compatibility of Custom Dashboard Plugin versions (side) versus Bamboo versions (top).


before 2.0





Unknown macro: {roundrect}

= compatible
= not compatible
= compatibility unknown

Version History





June 18th 2009

initial version


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  1. Lilians,

    Very nice.  We also have a great number of build plans and our developers were quite frustrated over the number of irrelevant pans that they had to navigate over to see the full picture of a Branch.  We also have used the model of Projects containing many Branches of a given Component rather that a Project having only one Branch of many Components. This raised a rousing cheer.


  2. This plugin will be really great for us due to the amount of plans and users we have.  One question, is there anyway to setup a tab so that all users can view it by default, without having to define in the config file?