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18 October 2011

The Atlassian team is proud to present Atlassian Bonfire 1.4! In this release, we introduce tags for session notes.

Highlights of this release:

Upgrading Bonfire?

Atlassian Bonfire 1.4 includes updates to the JIRA server plugin, as well as major updates to client browsers. All browser extensions will need to be upgraded by visiting the "Get Bonfire" page from your JIRA instance after the server plugin is upgraded. For more information on upgrades, check out our Capture for JIRA Upgrade Guide.


Highlights of Bonfire

Tag session notes

Tags in session notes allow testers a quick and easy way to flag certain information during testing. With tags, you can raise a question, highlight a follow up, note down any key assumptions you took, or record any other ideas that you may want to refer to later.

Out of the box, Bonfire support these four tags. Use them simply by including (#?, #f, #! or #i) in your notes.


Mark notes as done

With tagged notes, you can come back to them and work through them. When you're done, simply check them off to mark them as done. That way, you can focus on the things that you need to follow up after your test session.


Your sessions, your notes

Bonfire 1.4 also introduces new views for you to focus on. Under your user profile screen, you now get a view of all your test sessions, as well as notes that you have raised in your test sessions.

Filter session activity and notes

With this release, Bonfire allows you to filter your session down to particular tags: What are the questions left unanswered from the test session? What assumptions have been made? Filtering also allows you to see only the defects found in the test session.



Edit session notes

Notes are editable too. To edit a note, simply click on it anywhere you see one, and you can edit it right away.



And lots more...

T Key Summary P Status Resolution
Bug BON-515 Null pointer exception in compat library when anonymous user in play Highest Closed Fixed
Bug BON-511 After editing a note with an error the user is unable every edit it or another note again Highest Closed Fixed
Bug BON-512 Filtering on untagged notes shows notes with user tags in them Highest Closed Fixed
Bug BON-510 A number of XSS holes found during QA bltiz Highest Closed Fixed
Bug BON-461 Filtering problems causing NullPointerExceptions in backend iterators Highest Closed Fixed
Bug BON-462 Filtering is not filtering as expected Highest Closed Fixed
Bug BON-452 In webkit, the link to an issue after an issue is made doesn't work Highest Closed Fixed
Bug BON-500 If you filter everything way it crashes the project notes page Highest Closed Fixed
Bug BON-495 Move away from jQuery .data() as it does not work in JIRA 4.3 Highest Closed Fixed
Bug BON-477 Time tracking option not offered on complete session page Highest Closed Fixed
Bug BON-473 Related Issue is no longer being captured on Create Session Highest Closed Fixed
Bug BON-566 Edit Session bring ups code, not actual content High Closed Duplicate
Bug BON-420 IE7 display issues on test session page High Closed Fixed
Bug BON-460 javascript console errors when creating a session. The dialog does not close High Closed Fixed
Bug BON-459 Test session issue picker returning 400 Bad Request High Closed Fixed
Bug BON-453 Clicking the sessions tab when there is an error always returns a fatal error High Closed Fixed
Bug BON-442 Bonfire with no data - it puts up the Restart JIRA banner High Closed Fixed
Bug BON-478 Note time blocks on view session page are failing when filtering is applied High Closed Fixed
Bug BON-321 The IE installer does not put a version Add/Remove list of Windows. How would one know what is installed Medium Closed Fixed
Improvement BON-320 please allow me to install a new version of Bonfire without having to manually uninstall an existing version Medium Closed Fixed
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We welcome your feedback

We love to hear from you. To give us feedback, you can fill in the feedback form on any test sessions tab in JIRA.

You can also visit our issue tracker at: https://jira.atlassian.com/browse/BON

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