This is the documentation for Clover 3.3. View this page for the

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of Clover, or visit the latest Clover documentation.

For the quickest and easiest installation options, see the QuickStart Guide instead of this page.

1.  Download Clover

Download Clover from

Unzip the Clover distribution into a directory. This directory will be referred to as CLOVER_HOME in this guide.

2.  Install your Clover license

To install your Clover license file, you need to do one of the following:

  • Place the license file next to the Clover jar file (i.e. in CLOVER_HOME/lib);
  • Place the license file on the Java Classpath that will be used to run Clover;
  • Place the license file on the file system somewhere, and then set the Java System Property clover.license.path to the absolute path of the license file.

Note that the name of the license file must be clover.license

3. Install clover.jar


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