By default, Crowd compresses the output from the security server, using the Gzip compression format, before sending the data to the client over the network. Compression of server output is optional. You can turn it on or off via the Crowd Administration Console.

Here are some reasons why you may want to turn compression off:

  • It may be easier to debug problems using uncompressed data.
  • Some agents, such as older versions of Internet Explorer, have problems with the Gzip format.

If you're proxying Crowd behind Apache, check to see if you're using mod_deflate. You do not need to enable Gzip compression if Apache already provides it or you may encounter this issue: CWD-1398.

To enable/disable compression of server output,

  1. Log in to the Crowd Administration Console.
  2. Click the 'Administration' tab in the top navigation bar.
  3. The 'General Options' screen will appear. Set the 'Gzip Compression' option as follows:
    • Put a tick in the checkbox to instruct the Crowd Security Server to use Gzip compression when sending responses.
    • Leave the checkbox empty to instruct Crowd to send uncompressed data.

Screenshot: 'Setting the Compression of Server Output'


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