This page forms part of the guide on Integrating Crowd with Atlassian FishEye and Crucible.

(warning) Use the instructions below if you are integrating Crowd with FishEye version 1.3.x. If you are using FishEye 1.4.x or later, refer to the instructions for later versions of FishEye.

Step 1. Configuring Crowd to talk to FishEye

Please complete Step 1 in the full Crowd/FishEye integration instructions.

Step 2. Configuring FishEye to talk to Crowd

Before you begin

For any usernames that are already configured through the Fisheye Administration console, you will need to change the account type from 'built-in' to 'custom'. This is required for the new authorisation through Crowd to work properly.

For details please see the Fisheye documentation.

2.1 Install the Crowd Client Libraries into FishEye

Copy the Crowd integration libraries and configuration files as described in Integrating Crowd with a Custom Application. This involves copying all client library JARs to the library folder of FishEye:

(info) The version numbers have been omitted. Select the JAR which matches the name. This listing has been verified with FishEye 1.3.1.

Files to Copy




















2.2 Configure FishEye to use Crowd's Authenticator

  1. Log in as an administrator to FishEye and navigate to 'Users/Security'. Select 'Setup Custom authentication'.
    • Enter the following 'Classname' for the authenticator:
      Leave the cache and auto-add settings at their default values. This will mean authentication calls to Crowd will be cached (improves performance) and that users will be automatically enrolled into FishEye after their initial login to FishEye via Crowd.

    • Fisheye requires you to pass in the configuration attributes for Crowd. Add the following information in the 'Properties' text box, replacing the information with your own configuration data – match the values set in Step 1.            fisheye
      application.password        password
      application.login.url       http://localhost:8080/
      crowd.server.url            http://localhost:8095/crowd/services/
      session.isauthenticated     session.isauthenticated
      session.tokenkey            session.tokenkey
      session.validationinterval  0
      session.lastvalidation      session.lastvalidation

      Refer to the FishEye documentation for further details on using the FishEye setup screens.

2.3 Configure Groups for FishEye Source Repositories (If Required)

If you are using any FishEye groups to control access to particular source repositories, you will need to create the groups in Crowd and then configure FishEye as follows:

  1. In the FishEye Administration menu, select 'Global Settings', then 'Users/Security'.
  2. This will display the 'Authentication Settings' screen. In the 'Permissions Summary' section, edit the 'Per-repository' field and enter the group names (separated by commas) in the 'Custom restriction' field.

Screenshot 1: 'Authentication Settings'

Screenshot 2: 'Custom Restriction'

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