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Upgrade Procedure

To upgrade to Crowd 1.2.x from 1.1.x or earlier,

Upgrade Notes

Application Directory Permissions

With Crowd 1.2, directory permissions can now be set at application level. When you upgrade to Crowd 1.2:

  • The upgrade procedure will set all application-level permissions equal to your existing directory-level permissions. This means that, for a particular directory, all applications will have the same permissions immediately after the upgrade i.e. the permissions which were set at directory level before the upgrade.
  • You can alter the permissions for each application after the upgrade is complete, if you wish.

Developer Notes

SOAP Service API

There are changes to the Crowd API, including new SOAP methods (see CWD-459 and CWD-537), so you should re-generate your WSDL bindings to the Crowd server.