The Crowd and CrowdID WAR distributions are intended for deployment onto an existing J2EE application server. This documentation assumes that you already know how to deploy a web application onto your chosen application server. If not, please contact your system administrator to assist you, or consider installing the Crowd distribution instead.

The standard Crowd installation guide tells you how to install the Crowd distribution, which includes Apache Tomcat. Instead, you may wish to deploy Crowd or CrowdID onto your own existing application server. For this purpose, we provide WAR (Webapp ARchive) distributions of the Crowd and CrowdID server applications.

Crowd supports the application servers listed on the supported platforms page.

The procedures for connecting Crowd and CrowdID are slightly different. The Crowd setup process provides the option of JDBC or JNDI datasource connections via the Crowd Setup Wizard. CrowdID requires a JNDI datasource configuration. Detailed instructions are on the following pages: