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The Crowd LDAP connectors assume that all container objects (groups) have the full DN to the associated member. Currently the membership attributes on a User object are not used by Crowd.

Supported Object Types
  • groupOfUniqueNames
  • inetorgperson
  • posixGroup
  • posixUser
  • zimbraAccount

Microsoft Active Directory

The Active Directory LDAP connector assumes that all LDAP object types are of the default structure. Any changes to the default object structure of the User and Group objects will require a custom connector to be coded.

Supported Attributes

Crowd's LDAP connectors support the adding and updating of the following user attributes when integrating with an LDAP server via an LDAP directory connector:

  • surname
  • given name
  • email
  • password

If you need support for additional LDAP attributes, the Crowd LDAP connector can be extended. With a license purchase, full source is available and the LDAP connectors can be modified to support any number of attributes.

To help you identify your LDAP structure, you may find an LDAP browser useful. Take a look at our guide on using Apache Directory Studio.

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