Documentation for Crucible 3.0.x. Documentation for other versions is available too.

When using Crucible with FishEye, you can have threaded discussions with other users, on any changeset. To start a discussion, you simply start by adding a comment to a changeset.

(info) You need to be logged in to create changeset comments.

Adding comments to changesets

To add a comment to a changeset:

  1. Click on a changeset on the Commits tab for the repository. Display comments by clicking Discuss at the upper right corner, or the speech bubble icon in the left margin.
  2. Click Add a comment (under the repository details near the top left). 
  3. Type your comment. If required, you can tag your comment as being a defect note by clicking Defect
  4. Click Post.

Once submitted, others can respond to your comment by clicking Reply. Replies are threaded as separate comment discussions. You can right-click on the permalink icon  to copy a link to the comment. The comment author can edit or delete their own comments.

To hide the changeset comments, click the page icon . You can display the comments panel by clicking the speech bubble icon again.

As you compose a comment, it will auto-save periodically.

Screenshot: Opening Changeset Discussions

Turning changeset discussions on and off

You can turn off changeset discussions in the Admin area:

  1. In the Admin area, click Repositories (under 'Repository Settings' on the left). 
  2. Find your repository and choose View from the 'cog' menu in the Actions column.
  3. Click Other Settings in the left panel.
  4. Under 'Changeset Discussions' clear the Allow changeset discussions checkbox.

By default, changeset discussions are on.


  • Comments show up in the activity stream,
  • The author of the changeset will get email notifications when comments are added,
  • Comment authors will get email notifications when someone replies to their comments.
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