Documentation for Crucible 3.0.x. Documentation for other versions is available too.

This page describes how to create a Crucible review directly from an issue in JIRA, the Atlassian issue-tracking application.

JIRA must be integrated with both FishEye and Crucible before you can do this. See Linking Fisheye to Jira for information on how to set this up.

Note that FishEye content appears on the Source tab, and Crucible content on the Reviews tab, in JIRA.

See also Creating JIRA issues from the review.

To create a review from within JIRA:

  1. Go to the issue in JIRA that relates to the work to be reviewed.
  2. Under 'Activity', click the Source tab.
  3. Either:
    1. Click Create review to create a new review for a particular changeset.
    2. Click Create review for all commits to include all changesets from the JIRA issue in the new review.
  4. If a similar review already exists, you can add the changesets to that.
  5. In Crucible, the new review is in edit mode:
    • The content of the changeset becomes the content (i.e. files) to be reviewed.
    • The author of the changeset becomes the author of the review, if Crucible is aware of this user. Otherwise the creator of the review becomes the author.
    • The creator of the review becomes the moderator.
    • The commit log message is used as both the Title and Statement of Objective.
  6. Choose Tools > Start Review, in Crucible, when you are ready.

The next step is to add reviewers.

Screenshot: Adding a review from within JIRA


  1. It will show up under the Source tab.

    To get it to appear, make sure you have your projects linked both in JIRA and Crucible.  If they still dont show up restart both services (this is what did it for me).

  2. Anonymous

    It would be also nice if precommit reviews could be opened as well from JIRA.

  3. Would it be possible to create a review as a JIRA Workflow Transition? Or may be a post function? Basically I wanted to have an action like Create Review which will automatically create a review in Crucible