Documentation for Crucible 3.0.x. Documentation for other versions is available too.

Crucible has useful reports that show you detailed statistics on review activity. The Review Coverage report allows you to see how much of the code, and which files, in your repository have been reviewed, and when. You can also access the reviews.

(info) This feature requires FishEye integrated with Crucible.

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Screenshot: The Review Coverage report

Opening the Review Coverage report

To open the Review Coverage report:

  1. Click the Source tab.
  2. Select your repository. The repository you've chosen will set the scope for the Coverage Coverage report.
  3. If desired, navigate down the tree to the desired path you want to view coverage on.
  4. Click the Reports tab in the secondary toolbar.
  5. Select Review Coverage Report from the list of reports in the upper panel.

(info) You can view coverage of any path by navigate down the tree to the desired path you want to view coverage on, before clicking on the Reports tab.

Using the Summary Panel

The summary panel shows some choice metrics from your Crucible instance. The following information from your repository is arrayed:

  • Overall review coverage percentage.
  • Change in review coverage percentage since the last reporting period.
  • Total number of reviews.
  • Total number of comments.
  • Total number of reported defects.
  • Total number of Lines of Code (LOC).
  • Total number of commits.
  • Total number of committers.
  • Total number of unreviewed lines.
  • Total number of lines under review.
  • Total number of reviewed lines.
  • A ratio of the number of lines unreviewed against reviewed Lines of Code (LOC).

Screenshot: Summary Panel in the Review Coverage report

Using the Review Coverage Overview

The Review Coverage Overview shows a timeline of reviews, compared against their percentage of coverage. Hover your mouse cursor over the data points on the graph to see granular information and click through to a detailed weekly report.
You can click the tabs to view the coverage expressed as a percentage of lines of code, changesets or revisions.

Screenshot: Overview Panel in the Review Coverage report

Using the Individual Committer Statistics panel

The Individual Committer Statistics panel lets you choose a user from your Crucible instance and see all the changesets by that committer.

Screenshot: Individual Committer Statistics in the Review Coverage report

Using the Changesets Coverage panel

The Changesets Coverage panel lets you see changesets from your Crucible instance (for the time period of the report), and their level of review coverage. This information can be sorted by the columns in this view and uses colour coding to denote review coverage (listed in the table below).

Colour Key



dark green


light green

in review


not reviewed

Screenshot: Changesets Coverage panel in the Review Coverage report

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    Hi, I am thinking whether there is a way to dump raw data in these code review report to a spreedsheet for data analysis purpose? Thanks!