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FishEye can communicate with any Subversion server running version 1.1 or later, but it needs to use a Subversion client to do so. You can not add Subversion repositories to FishEye unless Fisheye can access a Subversion client.

The SVNKit client is included in the current FishEye package (version 1.4.2 onwards). This is the default client for interfacing with Subversion, is generally the easiest to use, requires "zero-installation" and will be used automatically unless another client is specified. The SVNKit client is recommended for most users.

The alternative is the native client, which should only be used if the SVNKit client is unsuitable. See the configuration instructions below.

Please see Native support for SVN for information about FishEye native client compatibility.

Please see the Supported Platforms page for information about the versions of Subversion clients that are supported by FishEye.

Using the 'file://' protocol to access your Subversion repository can be much faster than the other network protocols. We recommend using the 'file://' protocol if possible.

Using Subversion 1.3 or later is strongly recommended. Versions prior to 1.3 are no longer supported by the Subversion project. They will work with FishEye, but you may want to consider upgrading to a supported version.