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FishEye lets you view the contents of your Source Code Management (SCM) repositories in your web browser.

You can:

  • view changesets, revisions, branches, tags, diffs and annotations.
  • search everything – file names, commit messages, authors, text as well as the source code.
  • visualise how source changes were introduced, what changed, when it changed, where it was changed, and who changed it.
  • track activity in your source code repository.
  • link specific source with related JIRA issues, Crucible code reviews, and Bamboo builds.
  • get real-time notifications on code activity via email, RSS, or OpenSocial dashboards.
  • construct your own sophisticated queries with EyeQL and integrate the results with other tools using the FishEye API.

To get started with FishEye:

  1. Install and start FishEye on either Windows, or Linux and Mac.
  2. Work through Starting to use FishEye.
  3. Tell FishEye about your repositories.
  4. Set up users and groups.


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