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This release main focus was user requests. We have also fixed an important performance issue that was introduced in GreenHopper 3.1.1.

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Fixed the Problem of Performance Related to Large Number of Custom Fields and Issue Types

Since GreenHopper 3.1 we have worked very hard to reduce the resource consumption of GreenHopper. We did succeed on that task but the undesired side effect was performance loss:

  • The statistic gathering module got slower — This issue was fixed in the special release 3.2.1.
  • The Cards renderer module got slower — This issue occurs in JIRA instances that have multiple Issue types and Custom fields. That issue is now fixed and the fix is part of GreenHopper 3.3.

Since performance is one of our main concern, if you do experience bad waiting experience and you tried most of our performance tips please do not hesitate to let us know by raising an issue on our support system in the 'JIRA Support' project..

Printable Charts and Released Charts

You can now print all your charts - Hour Burndown, Issue Burndown, Field Charts and Released Charts. Very very popular request!

Optional Field in the List View

In your list view you can now add a fourth optional field via your:
Project > Planning Board > Configuration > CARDS >>> List View Template

This field will be the same for all planning board views (Overview, Versions and Components). Another very popular request!

Support of the Security level

Finally the issue security is supported in GreenHopper. You can add the field in your issue views (card, summary or list). If the field is not in your quick card creation the default security level will be applied to your issue.

The GreenHopper ranking field is based on issues that the Project lead can see. If your security levels hides some issues from the project lead these issues will not be rankable.

Support of the JIRA Banner

GreenHopper will now display the JIRA announcement banner through all its boards. Making the user interface more consistent with the JIRA look and feel.

Support of the Plain Text in the Release Notes Engine

You can now have a plain text version of the release notes generated by GreenHopper.

Metric Charts Always Accessible

In the previous versions of GreenHopper, the Chart board was accessible if and only if the JIRA time tracking was enabled. This was not very practical for teams that did not have any use of the time tracking system but needed to see some metric charts. GreenHopper 3.3 now unlocks the Chart board even if the JIRA time tracking is disabled.

Fixes and Improvements

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