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7 April 2011

The Atlassian team are proud to announce the release of GreenHopper 5.6.

GreenHopper 5.6 provides a number of enhancements, including improved inline editing of text fields for cards on the Task Board and Planning Board.

Upgrading to GreenHopper 5.6 is free for all customers with an active GreenHopper license.

Highlights of this release:

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Upgrading to GreenHopper 5.6

You can download GreenHopper from the Atlassian website. If upgrading from a previous version, please read the GreenHopper 5.6 Upgrade Guide.

Highlights of GreenHopper 5.6


Improved Inline Editing of Fields

GreenHopper 5.6 provides improved inline editing of text fields for cards on the Task Board and Planning Board. You can now easily edit text fields such as the Summary and Description fields by simply clicking once in these fields.

In addition, we have improved the behaviour of the Reporter and Assignee fields, both of which now provide auto-completion and better performance.


More Language Packs

GreenHopper 5.6 now includes the following additional language packs:

  • Czech
  • Finnish
  • Belgian Dutch (Flemish)
  • Polish
  • Portuguese Portuguese
  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Swedish


Out of Labs

The following features have been pulled out of GreenHopper Labs and are now available as core product features:

  • The two-line 'List' view.
  • Ability to filter versions by 'Unscheduled' on the Task Board. This is great for Kanban teams who wish to simply drag their backlog to 'In Progress' directly on the Task Board, without first having to add these backlog issues to a version on the Planning Board.


Plus the Following Fixes and Improvements

The issues resolved in the GreenHopper 5.6 release are shown below. To view the list in JIRA, please see here.

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