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Upgrading from GreenHopper 5.7.x to 5.8

Please follow the upgrade instructions in the GreenHopper Installation and Upgrade Guide, plus note the following:

JIRA 4.4.3 is Required

GreenHopper 5.8 is only compatible with JIRA 4.4.3.

Specific permissions required for JIRA 4.4 installations connected to Oracle databases

GreenHopper 5.8 makes use of JIRA's ActiveObjects plugin, which has specific requirements when interacting with Oracle databases.

Hence, when GreenHopper 5.8 (or later) is used with a JIRA 4.4 (or later) installation connected to an Oracle database, the database user account (through which JIRA connects to Oracle) must have the create sequence and create trigger Oracle database permissions.

Please ensure these permissions have been granted before attempting to upgrade GreenHopper from 5.7 to 5.8. See the Configure Oracle in the Connecting JIRA to Oracle documentation for details on granting these permissions.

JIRA Reindex is Required

(warning) Please restart and reindex JIRA after the upgrade.

Changes to Ranking

GreenHopper 5.8 includes a new ranking mechanism:

  • The 'GreenHopper Rank' custom field type will be removed, and all existing custom fields of type 'GreenHopper Rank' will be converted to custom field(s) of type 'Number Field'.
    • The value(s) of the old field(s) will be copied to the new 'Global Rank' field(s).
    • The old field(s) will be renamed to "RANK NAME (Obsolete)". An Administrator can delete these field(s) if they wish; they are not used by GreenHopper 5.8 and later versions.
  • Projects and contexts will be automatically updated to use the new custom field(s).
  • If you were using the Rapid Board in Labs you will still have your "Global Rank" field.
  • The GreenHopper Rank field will no longer be displayed on the JIRA View Issue or Edit Issue pages.
    • As the Global Rank includes all issues, the relative rank that matters is the one in the Context or Rapid View you are interested in. 
  • The Global Rank field allows ranking by users that have the Schedule Issues permission. There is no longer an option to use the Resolve Issue permission for ranking. 
  • Users no longer have the ability to edit Rank fields on the JIRA 'View Issue' page. The only way that 'Rank' fields can be changed is by drag-and-drop ranking on one of GreenHopper's boards.
    • This change is a result of the switch to global ranking which means that ranking is no longer confined to just one project, so any changes to ranking of individual issues need to take account of the backlog (possibly multi-project) being viewed.
  • You need to manually update any saved JIRA filters that include the GreenHopper Rank custom field to use the new GreenHopper Global Rank field(s).
Other Known Issues

Before you begin the upgrade, please check for known issues. Sometimes we find out about a problem with the latest version of GreenHopper after we have released the software. In such cases we publish information about the known issues in the GreenHopper Knowledge Base. Please check for known issues and follow the instructions as necessary.

If you encounter a problem during the upgrade and cannot solve it, please create a support ticket and one of our support engineers will help you.

Upgrading from GreenHopper 5.6.x or earlier

In addition to the above, please read the GreenHopper 5.6 Upgrade Guide and the Upgrade Guide for every version you are skipping during the upgrade. The complete list of Upgrade Guides is available here.