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28 May 2012

This release delivers the following enhancements to the Rapid Board:

This release also includes a number of fixes. For full details please see the GreenHopper 5.9.7 Release Notes

(info)  Please note: Plan mode is available by activating the "Scrum" option in GreenHopper Labs.

Estimation Statistic is now configurable

Instead of having to use Story Points, you can now choose to estimate your issues based on Story Points, Original Estimate, or any numeric custom field you have configured:



Sprint Burndown Chart now uses your Estimation Statistic

The Sprint Burndown Chart is now based on your configured Estimation Statistic. The value burns down when the story is completed (i.e. moved to the last column on work mode):


Sprint Burndown Chart now shows scope change

The Sprint Burndown Chart will now show issues that are added to (or removed from) a sprint after the sprint has started.


Sprint Burndown Chart now includes data table

The Sprint Burndown Chart now includes a Data Table that explains each movement of the graph (see screenshot above).



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