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Mainly a bug fix release. Also introduces the progress bar in the TaskBoard.

Highlights of this release:

Introducing the Task Board Progress Bar

We have noticed from all the feedback of our users that the TaskBoard was one of the most used GreenHopper boards. It then made sence to us to integrate a progress bar directly within the TaskBoard to provide users with the most useful information in the board where they tend to spend most of their time.

The Ranking Field Got Smarter

We have tweaked the ranking field to answer better some users actions like cloning, moving issues from a project to another and moving sub-tasks from a parent to another. We have also revisited the "optimize/repair" feature of the ranking field. This one should now be able to repair all incorrectly ranked issues and regroup parents with their sub-tasks.
This improvement is a direct answer to this thread: backlog rank ordering issues
Cheers dres!

And Much More

  1. Character counter for the summary field
  2. TaskBoard Performance tuning
  3. Input Card Revamped
  4. UI polishing

Fixes and Improvements

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