Documentation for GreenHopper 6.0.x. Documentation for other versions of JIRA Agile is available too.
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The board you see today is a fresh start for GreenHopper. We built it to take advantage of the latest in web technology and provide you, the customer, with an awesome experience for planning, tracking and reporting on the progress of your agile projects and teams.
One thing is absolutely clear: your agile project does not necessarily map to a single JIRA Project. For that reason we have addressed the most common feature request — GHS-1800, support for more than one JIRA project in GreenHopper. Not being folks to sit still, we took this opportunity to introduce a new user experience with fewer page reloads and more useful URLs —  users can have a URL for the displayed page (GHS-990).
The new board is extraordinarily flexible due to our use of the JIRA Query Language (JQL) — you can show many projects or one project, based on whatever filter criteria you choose.
Further, the board has returned the Fix Version field back to its intended use-case, showing which versions a bug or story can be found in. The board has resulted in a decoupling of Sprints from the Fix Version field (GHS-945).
We also have a new ranking field, Global Rank, which provides better performance than the previous solution. For the first time, you can now rank issues across JIRA Projects.
With the introduction of the Global Rank, JIRA and GreenHopper no longer need to reindex all of the issues in each JIRA Project every evening (GHS-2727).
How is a board different from the Classic Planning/Task/Chart/Released Boards?

The board is very similar to the Classic Task Board with a few significant differences:

  • support for multiple JIRA projects
  • swimlanes
  • control chart for measuring the cycle time
  • interactive charts (zoom and click)
  • permanent links provide 'what you see is what they get' when emailing or IM'ing URLs
  • quick filters are based on JQL so you can create your own

Over time the board will continue to evolve to replace the bulk of the functionality on the Planning/Task/Chart/Released Boards.

The plan

The board (previously known as the "Rapid Board") graduated from Labs in GreenHopper 5.8, initially providing support for Kanban teams. Scrum functionality was then introduced in GreenHopper 5.8.5, and graduated from Labs in GreenHopper 5.10. This initial implementation allows Scrum teams to use the Rapid Board to plan one sprint ahead, and we are focusing our development efforts on expanding your planning options. Our intention is to provide a very fast and easy approach to building a backlog, grooming the backlog then executing Sprints. We will continue to seek feedback from new adopters as we develop the functionality. 

In GreenHopper 6.0 we have pushed the existing boards (Planning, Task, Chart and Released Boards) to a Classic Mode, and dropped the "Rapid" title for the new board. The existing functionality on the Classic Planning, Classic Task, Classic Chart and Classic Released Boards will continue to be available for a number of releases until it becomes clear that the majority of customers have switched over. 

What now?

If you haven't yet tried the new board, we encourage you to give it a go.

Please note:

  • Contexts are replaced by boards; there is no migration path today so if you are already using GreenHopper then you will need to recreate these from scratch.
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