Documentation for GreenHopper 6.1.x. Documentation for other versions of JIRA Agile is available too.
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You can filter out weekends, holidays, and other times during which your team might not be working on your board's project(s).

(info) This feature is available in GreenHopper 6.1.1 and later versions.

To specify working days,

  1. Select Agile > Manage Boards from the top navigation bar, then click the Configure link corresponding to the board of interest.

    (info) Note that only the owner of a board (or a person with the 'JIRA Administrators' global permission) can configure a board.
  2. Click the Working Days tab.
  3. If your team has a different time zone to the server, select the team's Time Zone.

  4. In Standard Working Days, select all the weekdays on which your team typically works.

  5. In Non-Working Days, click Add Date to specify holidays or one-off dates on which your team will not be working.
    (info) To remove a Non-Working Day, click the 'x' next to the date (see screenshot below).

These settings will be reflected in your Burndown Chart.

Screenshot 1: the 'Board Configuration' screen — 'Working Days' tab



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  1. Hi, I need to know if I can add a non-working day and  if that differs graphically business days, as the weekend for example.

    If I configured a non-working day as specified in the above example, I can´t visualize the same with a different color such as are defined the weekends, for example.