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(info) This page only applies to Scrum boards.

The Velocity Chart shows the amount of value delivered in each sprint, enabling you to predict the amount of work the team can get done in future sprints. It is useful during your sprint planning meetings, to help you decide how much work you can feasibly commit to.

You can estimate your team's velocity based on the total Estimate (for all completed stories) for each recent sprint. This isn't an exact science — looking at several sprints will help you to get a feel for the trend. For each sprint, the Velocity Chart shows the sum of the Estimates for complete and incomplete stories. Estimates can be based on story points, business value, hours, issue count, or any numeric field of your choice (see Configuring Estimation and Tracking). Please note that the values for each issue are recorded at the time the sprint is started. Changing the Estimate value afterwards will not be reflected in the Velocity Chart.

 To view the Velocity Chart,

  1. Click the Agile link's down-arrow in the top navigation bar, then select your preferred board from the resulting dropdown menu.

  2. Click Report, then select Velocity Chart from the drop-down at left.
  3. Select the relevant sprint from the sprint drop-down ('Toto' in the screenshot  below).
    (info) The Velocity Chart is only available for completed sprints.

Note that the Velocity Chart is board-specific, that is, it will only include issues which match your board's Saved Filter.

Screenshot: Velocity Chart (click to enlarge)


The velocity can be estimated as the average, over several recent sprints, of the sum of the estimates for the amount of work completed by a team per sprint — so in the chart above, the velocity = (37 + 47 + 50 +57) / 4 = 48. A team's recent velocity can be useful in helping to predict how much work can be completed by the team in a future sprint.


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  1. Are there plans in making this into a gadget to be used on a dashboard or confluence page?