Documentation for GreenHopper 6.2.x. Documentation for other versions of JIRA Agile is available too.
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You can use the GreenHopper Classic Days Remaining gadget to see how long you have before the next release is due. The gadget displays the number of days before a given version of your project is due to be released. You can add a number of these gadgets to your dashboard, tracking different projects and versions.

(tick) This gadget is Wallboard-capable

(info) Note that this page only applies if you are using the Classic Boards (which are no longer being actively developed; read more).


Screenshot 1: The GreenHopper Classic Days Remaining gadget showing number of days before the next release

Screenshot 2: The GreenHopper Classic Days Remaining gadget showing a selected version and details of the master version too

Adding the GreenHopper Classic Days Remaining Gadget to your JIRA Dashboard

(tick) Tip: You can add a number of GreenHopper ClassicDays Remaining gadgets to your dashboard, if you wish to track more than one project or version.

To add the GreenHopper Days Remaining gadget to your JIRA dashboard,

  1. Log in to JIRA, or go to your dashboard if you are already logged in.
  2. Click the Add Gadget link in the top right. The Gadget Directory screen will appear.
  3. Find the GreenHopper Classic Days Remaining gadget in the list of gadgets and click Add it Now.
  4. Click the Finished button at the bottom right.
  5. The GreenHopper Days Remaining gadget will appear on your dashboard. Enter the following setup details for your gadget:
    • Project – Select the JIRA project that you want this gadget to track.
    • Display Parent Details – Select Yes if you want the gadget to display the details about the parent version of the selected version, as well as the number of days left for the selected version. The gadget will show the following details for the parent version: Version number, release date and number of days left. See screenshot 2 above.
    • Refresh Interval – Select the time interval to determine how often the data in the gadget will be refreshed.
  6. Click the Save button. The GreenHopper Classic Days Remaining gadget will now show the details for the chosen project:
    • If there are one or more versions in the project that are awaiting release, the gadget will by default display the number of days between now and the date of the next release. See screenshot 1 above.
    • If the project has no versions to be released, such as a project in which all its versions have been released or one in which no versions were created, the gadget will display a message like this: <project name> has no unreleased versions.
    • If the project has one or more versions to be released, but none of them have a future release date, you will see a dropdown list of unreleased versions. However, you will not be able to select any of them because they have no future release dates.