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Plugin version 0.3 requires Eclipse 3.4

Update on 25/7/2008: From version 0.3 of the Atlassian IDE Plugin, you will need Eclipse version 3.4.0 or later. For more information, see PLE-46.

18 July 2008

With pleasure, Atlassian presents version 0.3 of the Atlassian IDE Plugin for Eclipse.
Here are the highlights of this release:

  • A new Bamboo icon in the Eclipse status bar shows the summary status of builds: red means at least one build is currently failing; green means all builds are passing.
  • The configuration screen allows you to select your favorite build plans as defined on the Bamboo server.
  • You can now add labels and comments to your build plans (Bamboo 2 only).

Below is a list of all the fixes and improvements in this release.

The Atlassian IDE Plugin is available for IDEA too

Take a look at the release notes for the IDEA version of the plugin.

Don't have the Atlassian IDE Plugin for Eclipse yet?

Follow our easy installation instructions.

This is an open source project. You can get the source code from our SVN repository.

The plugin's blog

From time to time, the plugin development team posts some information on the plugin's blog.

Complete List of Fixes in the Atlassian IDE Plugin 0.3 for Eclipse

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