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The Dashboard is the first page you see (by default) after logging in to JIRA.

  • The navigation bar (at the top of the screen) is the same on every screen in JIRA. It contains links which give you quick access to many of JIRA's most useful functions.
  • The white area of the screen, below the top navigation bar, can be customized to display 'gadgets' showing many different types of information, depending on your areas of interest.

(info) Please Note:

  • Your JIRA dashboard page may look different from the one in this screenshot, as the logo and colours may have been customized by your JIRA administrator. The links in the navigation bar, however, will be the same.
  • If you have changed your JIRA home page from the default (dashboard), the page you see after logging in to JIRA will be different.

Screenshot: JIRA dashboard (click to enlarge)