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JIRA enables you to easily export your search results from the Issue Navigator to Microsoft Excel. This can be a useful way to format data and create your own customized reports, graphs and charts.

Exporting to Microsoft Excel

Before you begin:

  • Large exports (e.g. many hundreds of issues) are not recommended.
  • To change the number of issues that are exported, change the value of the tempMax parameter in the URL.

To export search results to Microsoft Excel:

  1. Choose Issues > Search for Issues.
  2. Refine your search, as described in Searching for Issues, then choose the Export menu.
  3. Choose one of the following from the dropdown menu:
    • 'Excel (All fields)'— this will create a spreadsheet column for every issue field (excluding comments).
      • Note: This will only show the custom fields that are available for all of the issues in the search results. For example, if a field is only available for one project and multiple projects are in the search results then that field will not appear in the Excel document. The same goes for fields that are only available for certain issue types.
    • 'Excel (Current fields)' — this will create a spreadsheet column for the issue fields that are currently displayed in your Issue Navigator.
  4. A file called <My company's JIRA> - <My project>.xls will be created. Edit this file using Microsoft Excel and/or save it as required.

Here is a sample exported file, viewed in Microsoft Excel:



  1. Anonymous

    how can i include "export to excel" in for my report plugin? pls help i really need it.

  2. Anonymous

    Is it possible to export to Excel without the the JIRA banner at the top, and without the footer at the bottom?

    1. Anonymous

       Banner at the top and the footer at the bottom can be deleted any time - just delete the entire row!

  3. Anonymous

    If I export the issues to Excel, the ``original estimate'' is expressed in milliseconds, any change to change this to hours:min?

  4. Anonymous

    How can I define which columns get exported to Excel ?

    1. Anonymous

      On your Issue Navigator Screen on the far Right there will be a "Tools" Pull down list.

      Select the "Configure Columns" tools.

      You can add or delete columns and reorder them.

      1. It seems that even if you are trying to export a saved filter, this only pays attention to the set of columns configured in your personal issue navigator,  not the columns configured in the saved filter.  Is that a known limitation ?

        1. I have the same problem, I've added a custom field to my filter but it's not visible when I'm trying to export it.

  5. Anonymous

    why don't large exports work? Anytime I try more than 1000 issues it just delivers me a subset of the issues. Is there a better way to do exports?

    1. So two years ago you asked a question and now you get an answer...  JIRA by default limits exports to 1000 rows.  You can override this by adding this to the end of the JQL string: tempMax=xxxx, where xxxx is the number you would like returned.

  6. Anonymous

    How can you get cascaded lookup fields to show in the export all function?

  7. Anonymous

    How can I get the story points column to be included in the Excel export?  I've tried customizing the columns, and it still ignores that field.

    1. Anonymous

      You probably included items that are not tasks, bugs or user stories.  I can't remember the exact reason or issue type(s) that will cause Story Points to not be included, but that's what you need to filter in the Issues Navigator first.


    2. I have the same issue. Did you find a way around this?

  8. Anonymous

    how can i export number field into excel? 

    Number is always rounded

  9. Anonymous

    Is it possible to automate the export process?

    I am looking to automate the process of exporting the number of open issues in each project into a spread sheet.

    Any help?

    1. You can trigger an automatic Excel export by JIRA events (like issue created, updated, commented, work logged, etc.) or by periodic schedules using the Excel Automation Plugin.

      Make sure you read this tutorial to understand the possibilities.

      (In case you need even more flexibility, you may want to directly program against the Excel exporter API.)

  10. Anonymous

    Is there any way to get a refresh-able spreadsheet so that I do not need to export every time from JIRA? I am looking for something similar to Sharepoint List export where the spreadsheet becomes refresh-able without physical login into Sharepoint later. The advantage is that we can build around lot of reports/pivots/graphs in the spreasheet without having a need to re-generate/copy& paste raw source data.

  11. Anonymous

    How does a user export / view custom fields (whose issue type is not Global) out to a "Excel(All fields)" file?

  12. Anonymous

    Is there a way to include "version" in the export? I went to configure column but don't see "version" as a field you can add.  In Greenhopper, I see "version" but in JIRA export I do not.  If I can either add "version" as a column in JIRA OR export Project Overview in Greenhopper, then I'm happy but it seems you can do either.  I basically want a list of all items with the version as part of the column. 

  13. Anonymous

    Is there a way to get contents of "Comments" of all issues filtered via filter into Excel/ CSV format ?

    1. I would like this feature as well.

  14. Anonymous

    Is there a way to include a Visual Basic script in the exported xls file automatically?

    1. Anonymous

      Put the script in your Personal.xlsb file

  15. Anonymous

    how can I export number fields without thousend space separator?

  16. Anonymous

    How do I export a report if I have close to 3000 lines? I can only seem to get a 1000

  17. Anonymous

    Is there a way you can create a field that lists the task_id (task key)? Reason being I may have 10 or more sub-tasks (that fit under 1 task) that I am trying to export (1 line each). Presently there is a field 'sub-tasks' that list all the subtasks by a ','. However if I need to export this list into a database it involves a lot of manual effort to create 1 line for each sub-task.

  18. Anonymous

    Thanks it's perfectly working

  19. Anonymous

    Hi Is there any way to export the status as 'ToDo' 'In Progress' 'Ready to Test' etc in the excel?

    I need to run reports at the end of the day and need to showcase the nubers in all above groups appearing in Taskboard.

    in Exported excel cnat find those statuses.

  20. Anonymous

    Is there a way to do this automatically at regular intervals


    1. Excel Automation for JIRA allows you to create Excel exports periodically, defined a standard CRON expression. 

      Read this article

  21. Anonymous

    The xls format of this export is really problematic for grabbing larger sets of JIRA issues. Is there a good way to get a csv of the data? Is there a better way to download the details of large sets of issues?

  22. Export to excel > 1000 lines? please. Tanks

    1. So two years ago you asked a question and now you get an answer...  JIRA by default limits exports to 1000 rows.  You can override this by adding this to the end of the JQL string: tempMax=xxxx, where xxxx is the number you would like returned.

  23. You can add FixVersion and Status (or other) columns to your Issue Navigator (Tools > Configure Columns). After that, they should be included in the "Excel (Current Columns)" export.

    To export > 1000 lines, you can change the URL manually, but it didn't work for me. See JRA-25493.

    There's an open request for a CSV export. This might help with automation. See JRA-8580.

    To strip out the header, logo, etc., try this VBA macro. Save it to your PERSONAL.XLSB workbook, then you can access it anytime. You can also add VBA code to fix date formatting.

    Sub JIRA_Issues_Format()
    ' Formats a list of issues exported from JIRA for Release Email.
    ' Modify this code to work with whatever set of columns you have
    ' in your JIRA Issue Navigator. This is based on 20 columns, 1000 issues.
    ' >>>> Issues list must be in the active window before running <<<<
        'Delete logo, unmerge cells, change font
        ActiveSheet.Shapes.Range(Array("Picture 1")).Select
        With Selection.Font
            .Name = "Arial"
            .Size = 9
        End With
        'Delete top row, format new top 2 rows
        Selection.Delete Shift:=xlUp
        Selection.WrapText = False
        'Format borders 25% gray
        Selection.Borders(xlEdgeLeft).Color = RGB(191, 191, 191)
        Selection.Borders(xlEdgeRight).Color = RGB(191, 191, 191)
        Selection.Borders(xlEdgeTop).Color = RGB(191, 191, 191)
        Selection.Borders(xlEdgeBottom).Color = RGB(191, 191, 191)
        Selection.Borders(xlInsideVertical).Color = RGB(191, 191, 191)
        Selection.Borders(xlInsideHorizontal).Color = RGB(191, 191, 191)
        'Park cursor
    End Sub
  24. Anonymous

    I want to add contents of the "Comment" field for issues to the excel extract, however this option does not seem to be available.  Anyone knows how to do this?

  25. Please add comments to the excel extract.

  26. Before you begin:

    • Large exports (e.g. many hundreds of issues) are not recommended.
    • To change the number of issues that are exported, change the value of the tempMax parameter in the URL.

    Why not a bit more info on this tempMax parameter?

  27. Anonymous

    If I don't want to export Status icon, is there a way to switch off Status icon?

  28. Hi,

        the status icon also for our users is not good seen in Excel exports.

    Is there a way to make it unvisible?

    Thanks in advance,


  29. Anonymous

    Excel Export (All Fields) -  What's the meaning of line "The same goes for fields that are only available for certain issue types" I have a custom field and while configuring it I have configured it explicitly for each of the issue type. Yet in issue navigator with filter set as "Open Issues",  it does not export this custom field into excel Is this a bug or what? The JIRA version in question 4.1.2#531

  30. Anonymous

    For >1000 export to excel, as a hack, you can right click on the 'Excel (All fields)' option and select copy shortcut. Paste the shortcut into the web browser address bar and modify the tempMax variable to your choice.

  31. Anonymous

    Can we do a group by story type, for viewing all the sub tasks? and then export it in an excel sheet.

  32. Anonymous

    Is there any way to prevent supplied indentions within text fields after exporting the search result to excel?

    All indentions are flatten in the correspondent excel-fields.

  33. There is no parent id reference in the excel export. 

    Hence, you cannot order by parent, use pivottables to look at parent-subtask relationships, use vlookups and statistics functions, etc.

    This limitation applies equally to other statistics packages that you might want to use.

    The issue has been reported and rejected by atlassian here:

    There are workarounds, using scripts and plugins, as sketched in reply here:

    Hope this helps.

  34. Is there a way to customize the look and feel of the Export to Excel, i.e. I want to change the table style, apply background color to rows with particular statuses?

    This needs to happen natively - the export to excel should do all this. I don't wish to run macros on exported excel to achieve this. 

  35. I'm using the following in a VBA program and the problem is that once I have accessed the JIRA information once I have to completely close excel to get access to JIRA a second time.  Anyone know what is going on here. Note that I have replaced the UserID and PassWord with *************.  When I put the URL directly in a browser it works everytime.




    Sub DoUpdate()

    Dim URL As String
    Dim wb As Workbook

    URL = "**********&os_password=************&tempMax=2500"

        Set wb = Workbooks.Open(URL)  'open workbook from web
        'clear previous data

        'copy new data over
        wb.Sheets(1).Range("A1").CurrentRegion.Copy _

        wb.Close False 'close and don't save any changes

    End Sub

  36. Better Excel Plugin is an improved Excel export tool for JIRA.

    It addresses the following problems mentioned in this thread (and more):

    • "parent id", "comments" and any other issue properties can be exported using simple expressions and formulas
    • grouping and sorting can be done either using the corresponding Excel features or running Groovy scripts to pre-process the Issue Navigator's content before the export
    • status icon can be hidden, statuses can be renamed, numbers can be freely formatted / rounded - in general, you have full control about the exporting format using Excel's formatting features (the plugin separates data value from its representation)
    • the look and feel is 100% customizable (it uses native Excel files as templates)
    • header and footer can be removed (see previous)
    • it produces smaller file size output (it is producing XLSX files, not verbose textual HTML files)
    • you can produce repeated exports simply by re-running the same template (it is the template that defines reports, pivot tables, pivot charts and at every export the plugin merges the most current data into that)
    • it produces automation via a public API and we are already working on separate plugin to support building automation rules using a GUI (no programming required)

    Free trial

  37. I have 500,000  issues in one project, How do I get all those exported in search result?


    1. I can search and it gives correct count.
    2. But when I export I get only 1000 issues in excel whereas I have set search parameter to bring 100,000.




  38. Is there a REST API to access this feature (or any API)? I am using /rest/api/2/search already, but it would be nice to have an excel document generated the same as by the JIRA user interface.