Jira Software comes with a whole lot of reports that will help everyone in the team understand where things are at. Here are just a few.

Access them all from the left navigation pane.

Velocity for the team

Teams want to know what their velocity is. They want to know how accurately they are estimating and how much they are getting done each sprint, in order to estimate better in future.

Velocity Chart

  • See if the team is over-committing or under-committing stories in sprint planning

  • Check for outliers and drill into a sprint to learn from past mistakes (e.g. a grossly underestimated story)

  • Monitor how velocity alters during periods of team change or growth 

Burndown for the leads

Team leads (Dev leads, Tech leads, etc.) usually spend half their time thinking ahead to future work, and the other half firmly involved in the current sprint. They need to know how things are going now to help steer the team to a successful sprint completion.

"Burndown is the fastest way for me to see what's going on and help out the team if things are looking a bit shaky."

 ~ Atlassian team lead 

Burndown Chart

  • If the Remaining Value line it is headed straight across and not down, you need to find out why
  • A successful sprint is where the Remaining Values line hits the bottom on or before the Guideline 
  • If the Remaining Value line ends before the guideline, you may have a bunch of overachievers or under-committers on your hands!


Epics for product managers

Product managers (or project managers, depending on your structure) like to keep an eye on the big picture stuff, so they can check if project milestones are being hit, where dev effort is being spent, and if the backlog is in need of a re-prioritization. The Epic Report is a good read for satisfying some of these demands.

Epic Report

  • Easily see the how near or far an epic is from completion. Check with the team if things look unbalanced.
  • Monitor unestimated issues. Chat to the dev lead to see if anything needs further clarification or breakdown.



You need to have historical sprint data in your project to view the above reports. If you don't have access to an existing project, just browse the report help topics: