You might find it useful to delete a sprint if:

  • You've created a sample sprint to experiment with Jira Software's features.
  • You've accidentally started a sprint, and don't want it to reflect in any reports.

Keeping these sprints can be annoying because they'll show up in menus and search results. They'll also affect reports like the Velocity Chart, which can compromise your team's future planning. Instead of keeping these sprints in your project, you can delete them.

Before you begin

  • You can only delete inactive sprints.
  • You need the Manage Sprints permission.

Deleting a completed sprint

To delete a completed sprint:

  1. Navigate to your desired board.
  2. Click Reports, then select Sprint Report.
  3. Select the relevant sprint from the sprint drop-down.
  4. Say your goodbyes, and select  > Delete sprint.

Once you delete a sprint, it’s gone for good, and all uncompleted issues are moved to the backlog. Issues that were completed during this sprint will remain in Jira.

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