In JIRA Service Desk, when a Customer updates their "Waiting on Customer" issue via Email, the issue is not transitioned into "Waiting on Support" (or similar) status


The Service Desk Customer's email is received and and the issue is updated with their Comment, however the Status remains in "Waiting on Customer" 


The Service Desk Automation Transition does is not set to "Respond to Support" when the Customer creates a Comment


Update the Service Desk Automation Rule so that the THEN action on a Service Desk Customer's comment transitions to "Respond to Support"

  1. Click Service Desk from the menu bar and select the appropriate Service Desk Project
  2. Settings > Automation
  3. Click Edit on the "Transition on Comment" rule
    (info) Note: This is the Default Name of this Rule; it may be different if you have modified your Automation Rules
  4. Locate the IF or ELSE IF Condition which corresponds to a Customer's Comment; condition should look similar to:
    • Issue matches Status = "Waiting on Customer"
    • Comment is public
    • User is a Customer
      (info) Note: this is the Default Configuration of this Transition; it may be different if you have modified your Automation Rules
  5. Select the corresponding THEN statement and Edit the "Transition Issue" value
    • Issue Transition should be "Respond to Support"
    • Click "Confirm" to save changes
  6. Click Save to update the Transition Rule
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