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  • Troubleshooting issues with service desk user management
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This page contains information about the errors and problems that you might have when managing users in your service desk.


Cannot add agents, make users agents or revoke agent access because of read-only user directories

All of these actions are changing the JIRA Service Desk agent license allocation and therefore involve modifying the membership of the service-desk-agents group. Adding agents and making JIRA users an agent add users to the group; revoking agent access removes users from the group. When user directories are read only, JIRA Service Desk cannot modify the group and therefore you cannot perform these actions.

To resolve it:

JIRA administrators can solve this problem by modifying the configuration of user directories. For more information, see Configuring User Directories

Cannot add new agents or make users agents because JIRA Service Desk cannot add users to the service-desk-agents group.

These actions allocate the JIRA Service Desk agent license to users and need to add users to the service-desk-agents group. This message appears when a group named service-desk-agents already exists before JIRA Service Desk is installed. Because modifying existing groups that are not created by JIRA Service Desk can have negative impacts on your system, JIRA Service Desk cannot proceed to finish the actions.

To resolve it:

Delete the existing group. JIRA Service Desk will then automatically create the service-desk-agents group. 

JIRA Service Desk creates the group when you navigate to any of the following pages: the Service Desk Agents page and the Agents section on the People tab of a service desk.

Customers count towards JIRA license seats when using Atlassian Crowd

This is usually caused by customers being a member of a group that has the JIRA Users global permission.

To resolve it:

  1. Remove the customers from groups that have the permission. 
  2. If you have set default groups for new users to be added to in Crowd for the directory connected to JIRA, check if the groups have the JIRA User global permission assigned. If they do, you have two options:

    • Disable the default membership setting by removing the groups from the default group list.
      This means that your JIRA users (i.e. those that count towards your license) are not added to any group be default either when created.
    • If you want JIRA users, JIRA Service Desk customers, or both to be added to default groups, you can do so by using separate directories for each type of user. Make sure that the default groups for JIRA Service Desk customers do not have the JIRA Users global permission.