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SharePoint Connector 1.3

About the Confluence SharePoint Connector

With the Confluence SharePoint Connector you can combine Confluence's free-form, easy to edit wiki with the document management and workflow strengths of SharePoint.
  • Display SharePoint document libraries, calendars, links, discussions and more on your Confluence wiki pages. Edit SharePoint's Office documents directly from Confluence and save them back to SharePoint.
  • Embed Confluence pages and Confluence page trees into a SharePoint page. Click through from SharePoint to Confluence.
  • Enjoy automatic login (single sign-on) between Confluence and SharePoint.
  • Search Confluence and SharePoint content together, retrieving a unified set of results

User's Guide

The SharePoint Connector User's Guide is for project managers, developers, testers – anyone who uses the Confluence SharePoint Connector. New to the SharePoint Connector? Start with an overview of the connector's features on our website. Then have a more detailed look at the SharePoint web parts and Confluence macros, described in the user's guide. Never used Confluence before? Then you need the Confluence documentation first.

Administrator's Guide

The SharePoint Connector Administrator's Guide is for people with Confluence and SharePoint administration rights. It will help you update your license details and understand our support policies. There are also some handy guides to troubleshooting. You may also find the Knowledge Base, FAQ and forum useful. Of course, the Confluence Administrator's Guide is also for you.

Installation Guide

The SharePoint Connector Installation Guide is for people who are installing the connector for the first time. Check our guides to planning your environment with SharePoint 2007 or with SharePoint 2010. Then follow the detailed guide to install the plugins into Confluence and the features into SharePoint.

Upgrade Guide

The SharePoint Connector Upgrade Guide is for people who are upgrading from one version of the connector to a later version. Start by reading the latest release notes and the attached upgrade notes for the version to which you are upgrading. Then follow the upgrade guide for SharePoint 2007 or for SharePoint 2010.