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Atlassian Stash is the on-premises Git repository management solution for enterprise teams. It allows everyone in your organisation to easily collaborate on your Git repositories.

This section describes how to install, set up and start using Stash.


System requirements

  • Stash is a Java application, and relies on the Git distributed version control system (DVCS). See our Supported platforms page to find out about system requirements.

Download and install Stash

Use Git

Stash is all about managing Git repositories. If you still need to install Git locally, see the Stash install pages.

We have some information here to help get you up and running with Git:

Work with projects

Stash manages related repositories as projects. FInd out how to set up projects and give your teams access to those.

If you have existing projects that you want to manage in Stash, then you'll want to read Importing code from an existing project.

Integrate Stash with other Atlassian applications

As a first step, see JIRA integration for information about using Stash with JIRA. To link Stash with JIRA, see Configuring JIRA integration in the Setup Wizard.

If you want to see results from your continuous integration or build server in Stash, see Bamboo integration.

Read more about using Stash

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