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Stash uses four levels of account permissions to control user and group access to Stash projects and to the Stash server configuration.

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Stash User


Project Creator





System Administrator



User accounts that have not been assigned "Stash User" permission or higher, either directly or through group membership, will not be able to log in to Stash. These users are considered unlicensed and do not count towards your Stash license limit.

A user's permission level is displayed on the user's profile page.

Note that you can also apply access permissions to projects.

To edit the account permissions for an existing Stash user or group:

  1. Click Administration in the top menu.
  2. Choose Accounts > Permissions.
  3. Select, or clear, the permission checkboxes as required.
  4. Click Add Users or Add Groups if you want to set the permissions for additional users or groups.

You can remove a user or group from an access level by clicking the X at the right-hand end of the row.


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