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When Stash is integrated with a build server such as Atlassian's Bamboo, build results are published to Stash. You see the build results status for a commit when viewing any commit or pull request. This lets you easily check the build status of a branch when deciding whether to merge the changes.

Stash displays the overall status of the build results. The status is 'passed' if all the different builds (for example, unit tests, functional tests, deploy to staging) have succeeded, and 'failed' if at least one run failed for any of those.

For example, when viewing the Commits tab for a Stash project, you will see icons that indicate the status of the latest build results. The red fail icon is displayed if there is at least one failed build run for the commit:

Click a build status icon to see further details:

The information that you see in this dialog is specific to the build server that provides it, in this example Bamboo.


Integration of Bamboo build results in Stash is entirely configured on the Bamboo server. See 2021-07-18_19-11-16_Integrating Bamboo with Stash.

You can also use the Stash Rest API to automatically publish build status from Bamboo, Jenkins or any other build tool to Stash. See the Stash developer documentation to do with updating build status

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