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Thanks to everyone who attended!

You helped make this webinar the largest in company history.

For those who could not attend, or simply want to see the recorded version of the webinar, check out this page

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  1. Anonymous

    Can't make webinar for that day, will it be post onto your Web site?


  2. Anonymous

    I also can't join this webinar, please post it on the website.

  3. Anonymous

    I agree..  Plese post on website

  4. I also can't join the webinar for that day.

    Post it on the website please.

  5. Anonymous

    Neither time is very friendly for users in the UK, although I am really interested to see what is being said.

    Please can you post the webinar to the website?

  6. Same holds true for me, neither time does fit my work schedule. Please post on the website afterwards or have the webinar at a Europe-friendly time.

  7. Anonymous

    I am the same, I am planning on moving to Jira 4 so if this could be hosted on the site that would be great.

  8. Anonymous

    I am planning on moving to Jira 4 too. Please post on the website or have it with Asia-friendly time. Please.

  9. Anonymous

    Another vote for a European friendly time or to post the session online.

  10. Anonymous

    One more vote from Europe for post on the website.

  11. Anonymous

    Another  vote from Europe for post on the website :)

  12. Anonymous

    Please not in the middle of the night. Pls. repeat at a Europe friendly time or post on website.

  13. Anonymous

    Yet another vote from Europe to post the webinar on the website or repeat on a Europe friendly time.

  14. Anonymous

    More votes to post webinar on the website from Europe.

  15. Anonymous

    Will you be posting this on the website ?

  16. Anonymous

    Please post the webinar.