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Important Information


Thanks for becoming a part of our webinar program. This series has really grown in popularity, and it's due to people like you who are sharing your stories that make the program such a success.

This page is intended to give you guidance in regards to your upcoming webinar.

What next

At this point, we have selected a date and time of the webinar. The next things I need from you are listed below (ranked by importance):

  • Presentation abstract - a short paragraph on what you would like to cover; simply expand on the main topic. This content will turn into my blog promoting the webinar.
     Abstract examples

    Example 1

    Example 2

    Example 3

    Live Forms Designer leverages Ajax technologies to easily create rich, dynamic, Web 2.0 forms using just a browser. These forms work with real business applications and the information collected can be easily used across business processes since Live Forms support industry-standard XML and can use any customer-defined schema. Live Forms provide a rich user experience far beyond typical web forms.

    Using a mashup of the Reporting Plugin, Rating Plugin, Autopage Macro, Scaffolding Plugin, Advanced Search, and Reporting plugin, plus their own code juice, netoCiety has created a powerful new social networking and collaboration tool for generating and discussing ideas. This is an ideal webinar for Confluence customers looking for new ideas or ways to extend their applications, other plugin developers, and people that are currently evaluating Confluence for their team.

    OpenCloud uses Confluence as a wiki for their developer community. They have also created their product documentation using Confluence. Wikis are quickly becoming a disruptive technology in the techwriting world. Please join us as we speak with Jon Hertzig about OpenCloud's work and inspiring user experience they've created with Confluence.

  • Short bio of yourself. Please answer all of the following questions: where are you based out of, how/when did you start where you work, what do you like doing when not working, work experience. Feel free to add what would you do if you won $1M, or anything fun which we can add to introduce you.
     Bio examples

    Example 1

    Example 2

    Example 3

    Jeff Schilling is S1 Enterprise's Chief Technology Officer. He operates out of seat 3C somewhere in the world when not working in his office in Charlotte, NC. With a masters in Computer Science from George Washington University, Schilling has been at the center of the S1 Enterprise vision and implementation for the past 13 years. Outside of the office, Schilling enjoys woodworking, reading, cooking and occasional forays into competitive barbeque cooking. His lottery fantasy includes a high-end grill fabrication company - lasers, welders and machine tools - you know the type.

    Oren Teich – Vice President of Product Management - Oren Teich has spent the past 12 years in product management working to solve IT infrastructure problems. Prior to joining Replicate Technologies, Oren was director of marketing at Sun Microsystems, responsible for the Sun xVM and N1 product lines. By taking a holistic view of the data center, he helped Sun combine both virtualization and traditional system management functions into an overall software suite. In addition to Sun Microsystems, Oren has also led product teams at Cobalt Networks and MontaVista Software, where he built a number of successful infrastructure products. He received a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Colorado.

    How/when did you start where you work: My road to working with CustomWare actually began three years earlier, while working in a high school in Ethiopia. I developed several plugins including Scaffolding) while working there, and released them as open source. Two years later, in 2007, I had too many to maintain by myself, and CustomWare and I decided to help each other out. We've been together ever since. What do you like doing when not working: I love playing soccer, Guitar Hero and travelling to new and interesting places. Work experience: Despite having taught myself Java back when it was in beta, my first two jobs were developing websites with both that and Microsoft's ASP and .NET products, and occassionally even a little bit of Cobol. While teaching at a high school in Ethiopia a few years later, we needed a Wiki for our intranet, and Confluence fit the bill. I've been working with Atlassian products with in various capacities ever since, for around 6 years and counting.

  • Headshot of yourself for our intro slides.
  • Practice run date/time - we like to schedule practice runs the week before the actual live webinar.
  • Office number and cell number - a phone number where we can reach you during the presentation in case there are technical difficulties. These numbers will not be given out or posted anywhere.
  • Please send to morgan [at] atlassian [dot] com.

The sooner you get these items to me, the better. The abstract is extremly important as this is what we will use to create the webinar registration page. The sooner we have this, the sooner we can start promoting the webinar. The other stuff is important, but can wait until a few weeks before the presentation. I'll get in touch with you if you have not proactively reached out to me.


Plan on presenting for 1/2 hour, and then allow time for Q&A. Here is a basic outline of the event:

  • Preparation - make sure all your screens are up and ready
  • Log in - we both log in (GoToMeeting info will be emailed to you) and make sure we are all ready before going live and recording
  • Atlassian intro - we start by introducing ourselves, the webinar series, and then you (3 mins) [AUG:Example slides attached]
  • You present - at this point, we turn it over to you for your presentation (~ 30mins)
  • Q&A - we take back the screen for questions which attendees may have asked
  • Wrap up - we thank you for presenting and show upcoming webinar details

After this, we hang up and I start editing the video and post to Atlassian TV.


If you intend on having co-presenters, we prefer if you introduce them during the presentation. Chances are that you have a relationship with them, so it makes it better for you to introduce them. We will need all co-presenters full names and email addresses to ensure they get added as panelists within our webinar vendor. We will also need to know if they are going to attend the practice webinar session because we schedule that separately.

Presentation tips

  • Try to avoid using a split screen set-up.
  • No videos during your presentation. Do as much live demoing as possible. 
  • Use a headset or hand-held phone receiver. Try to avoid speaker phone.
  • When you are not speaking (while we are talking), please put your phone on mute.
  • When presenting your slides and demos, please make them as large as possible. We see what you see, and quality is lost with recording.

Recorded webinar

All of our webinars are recorded and posted to Atlassian TV. I highly recommend you watch past webinars to get a sense of format, presentation styles, topics covered, questions asked, etc.


"If you book them, they will come."

OK, this is partly true. We must also promote the webinars to attract interested parties. We recommend you use all possible means to ensure people know about your upcoming webinar. Here are the methods that we use to promote our webinars:


Thanks again for becoming a part of our webinar series!

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