Enabling browser-side OpenSearch description format

The information on this page is not related to the OpenSearch search functionality, which is a different product altogether.

Visit the OpenSearch description format page to discover what this page is about.

With OpenSearch autodiscovery, you can add Confluence search to your browser search box. By default, OpenSearch autodiscovery is enabled. This feature can be enabled or disabled as described below.

To enable or disable OpenSearch autodiscovery:

  1. Select Administration , then select General Configuration
  2. Choose Further Configuration in the left-hand panel.
  3. Choose Edit.
  4. Select the Open Search checkbox to enable this feature (deselect to disable).
  5. Choose Save.

Information about OpenSearch

  • Confluence supports the autodiscovery part of the OpenSearch standard, by supplying an OpenSearch description document. This is an XML file that describes the web interface provided by Confluence's search function.
  • Any client applications that support OpenSearch will be able to add Confluence to their list of search engines.
Last modified on Apr 2, 2024

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