End of Support Announcement for IBM ClearCase

Support in FishEye for IBM ClearCase ended on April 4th 2012. FishEye 2.8, and later versions, do not have support for ClearCase.

We have made these decisions to reduce the testing time required for each release and to help us to deliver market-driven features faster.

You can stay on older versions of FishEye to support your existing installations with ClearCase. However, Atlassian will not be providing any ClearCase-related support for any FishEye version after 4 April 2012, and has removed all functionality related to ClearCase from FishEye versions released after April 4th 2012. We are committed to helping our customers understand this decision and to assist you in migrating to a different SCM, if needed.

For more details about the announcement, please refer to this page: End of Support Announcements for FishEye.

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