Keyboard shortcuts and slash commands

Chat faster, style your text, fix your typos, and more. Use Hipchat's keyboard shortcuts and slash commands.

Keyboard shortcuts

Hipchat has several keyboard shortcuts to help you move through rooms, join rooms, and more using your keyboard.

In the desktop and web apps

To view a list of keyboard shortcuts, type Ctrl + /  or ⌘ + / 

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Slash commands

New to slash commands? Hipchat slash commands let you do things like set your status and format messages using your keyboard rather than your mouse. Just start typing in chat using the slash command. Others won't see what you type; they'll just see the results, depending on what you've typed.

Android users: /quote, /me, and #color-hex are currently the only slash commands available in Android.

Room actions

Enter an existing Hipchat room 
(Hipchat web app only)
/join room-name/join IT Team
Leave the room you're currently in/part 
Change the topic of the room you're currently in/topic new-topic/topic All things IT

Setting your status

Set your status as available (green) and optionally includes a message/available message/available Working from home
Set your status as away (yellow) and optionally includes a message/away message/away Out to lunch
Set your status as Do Not Disturb (red) and optionally includes a message/dnd message/dnd Finishing proposal

Formatting messages

Display the message with code syntax highlighting./code code-blockScreenshot: /code command in Hipchat
Use special message formatting when you quote someone./quote message

Screenshot: /quote command in Hipchat

Clear chat history in the current room or 1-1 chat. (History comes back when you reopen the room or chat.)/clear 
Chat about yourself in the third person. /me message

Screenshot: /me command in Hipchat

Fix your typos. s/misspelled word/corrected word

Screenshot: Command to fix typos in Hipchat

Show hexadecimal web colors right in Hipchat. Designers love this one.#color-hex

Screenshot: Web colors in Hipchat


Last modified on Jan 21, 2018

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